Saturday, March 7, 2009

"Canned Baby Sweet Peas"

OOAK clay art babies are all the rage weather they are large or small.Altered cans have also been very popular lately . I along with Patrica Rankin who is my craft buddy on Tender heart babies on etsy have come up with a idea of combining the ooak art babies with the altered cans.One of the names that I have come up with for this combination is "Canned Baby Sweet Peas" ,which are babies in a can .These Cans come in sizes pints to gallon cans .Also included in the can will be a COA,blanket,stuffed animal .The prices of the "Canned Baby Sweet Peas" will start at 55.00 to as much as 95.00 or more for gallon cans /I will be postig pictures of these babies.

1 comment:

  1. How totally awesome are those CANS ops I meant babies hehehe. They will make a great addition to the baby line.